In each chapter of the story, you will have at your disposal a wide variety of cards with certain actions, with which you will have to help the characters involved to achieve their dreams at that moment. However, the way to fulfill these dreams will be at your whim, being able to generate really bizarre situations. In addition, you will also have in your hand the possibility of looking for alternative stories even more interesting than the original…

■ Place the cards on the board to help our friendly characters in their mission.

■ Unlock dozens of action cards, all of them customized for the different characters.

■ Enjoy a wide variety of chapters, which can be solved in different ways.

■ Take advantage of free mode to create your own stories without the restrictions of the main mode.

A great variety of characters will appear in the story, some with more relevance than others, but all with an distinctive essence:

■ Carapán: a young 216-year-old dragon who, contrary to the traditions of his family, wants to dedicate himself to what is his true passion in life: the bakery.

■ The Knight of the Iguana: a small town boy who has launched himself in search of adventure along with his secret weapon, which makes him immortal… at least as far as he has proven.

■ Lúa: from a noble family, this astrologer has become a royal advisor fighting against imposed stereotypes, although she has an important private matter that keeps her busy…

■ And more to discover! A princess, a ghost minstrel, an evil monster…

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