A bunch of regions.

A bunch of gods.

A bunch of temples.

But an unique and powerful force emerged, the Gobernment was founded and the birth of a new society began to be forged.

That was long time ago, before the project started. When we were still a family, when we were free.

Now you have disappeared again, despite my efforts to keep us together…

I have to find you.

There is not too much time left, but I will find you.

I promise.

One Pixel, One Journey:

Alt254 is an open-world adventure & action game where exploration will play an important role. Discovering new areas, deciphering mysteries and defeating enemies will be a fundamental part of Alt254’s journey. The adventure will take place in a huge world prepared to be discovered by any lover of exploration. It will be completely accessible from the beginning and will not have any closed area, beyond those restricted by the game’s own mechanics. In addition, it will have numerous mysteries and puzzles hidden in its vast and incredible lands. But Alt254 will not be alone. The world will be inhabited by a great variety of enemies, from annoying sentinels to fearsome bosses with extraordinary powers, whose sole purpose will be to stop us in our adventure. We will have the possibility of engaging with them in original fights, although we can also go unnoticed if we do not leave any trace.

An interesting mechanics of the game is the language with which it is intended to tell the player the story behind. Composed of different symbols, each of which will correspond to a letter of the English alphabet, that can be unlocked during the progress of the game. The graphic aspect of Alt254 could be defined as pixel art, being one of the most innovative elements its in-game resolution. Its 21 (wide) x 26 (high) pixels break with the current trends of realism and high resolution. In addition, thanks to the pixel-perfect design and to make it more comfortable for the player, the possibility of playing with different zoom levels will be included.

Project Specifications:

Genres: Adventure, Action, Puzzles.

Game Engine: Unity.

Estimated age-based rating: ESRB 10+, PEGI 12, CERO B, ACB PG, GRB 12+, RARS 12+, USK 12.

Languages: English (we are open to include more languages, but, due to the reduced game resolution, every character of the language must be able to be represented by a 6×6 pixel image, what we know it is a restrictive requirement).

Platform: We are currently developing for PC, but our goal is to obtain the necessary agreements for launching the game also in the main game consoles in the market.

Target: Lovers of indie games, especially strange and unusual games, in addition of all those who are attracted to the genre.

What we are looking for:

1. Funding for development
Since we are a small and recently founded game studio, we need funds to develop this exciting project, specially for the areas where the team do not have the needed skills, as audio, localization…
2. Marketing & Publishing
Our background and experience does not cover such important areas as marketing and publishing, so we will be really pleased if we find a partner that would like to work with us in these important tasks to make ALT254 a profitable dream.


If you are interested in the project, want to help us or just would like to know more about the project, feel free to contact us using the form at the bottom of the page. Also, if you want to stay tuned to the updates of this and the upcoming projects, do not forget to subscribe to our newsletter!


(Work in progress)