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One Pixel, One Journey:

Alt254 is a minimalistic open-world adventure & action game where… YOU ARE A PIXEL

Embark on a fascinating journey and discover how every pixel will impact your experience during the game. Exploring new areas, deciphering mysteries and defeating enemies will be essential in a game with one of the minor resolutions you have ever played!

A fully pixelated world awaits to be discovered during your adventure. Explore the different locations and use each of the mechanics that complete the game to progress on your journey. There is no one way to move forward, so it is up to you how to enjoy this experience through the vast world of Alt254.

Complement the journey you will enjoy thanks to Alt254 with the many mysteries scattered throughout its open world. Some will appear hidden behind cryptic messages, but in other cases you will have to scan every pixel on the map to find them. There are also those who say that the terrain around you has some secret…

The world of Alt254 will not only be full of mysteries and puzzles to solve, but it will also be populated with mysterious creatures. Despite the fact that its origin is not very clear, it is evident that they will not facilitate your journey and will impede your progress as much as possible. Defeat them with the quirky combat system and don’t let them intrude on your experience.

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